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The goal of the Wisconsin Bioscope Company is to produce moving pictures that compare favorably to those of our peers. We are at the top of a very competitive field of producers including Edison, Vitagraph, Pathé, Biograph, Kalem, Essanay, Hepworth, Bison, and Centaur. That the field is crowded does not concern us. We relish the struggle! Alas, our competition grows weary in the fray. None of them have released a new picture in some time.

Critics complain that some of our pictures are similar to our competitorsʼ productions, even to the point of being titled identically.
Our reply: SO WHAT ? !
In the moving picture business, PROGRESS and GROWTH are key. We are proud to have raised a few of the competitionsʼ orphans, and we believe that we have done better by them than their parents.

Wisconsin Bioscope Back Catalog

Plan B
Zealots harrass passersby with millenial fears.
1999, 35mm, 108 ft, 1:48 at 16 fps
dir: Austin Alward; prod: Dan Fuller; sc: Keith Tromiczak; ph: Randal Bol, Mara Kontney; cast: Tracy Will, Katy Schwantes, Kim Kochanski, Ben Silver, Dawn Sparks, Sarah Blain, Amy Thompson, Leslie Kubistal, Dan Fuller, Chris Beyer, Nicole Rogers.
Winner Take All
Using binoculars for reconaissance, a criminal gang raids a picnic. Although the evil leader, the robot, and the clown seem to chase away the picnicker, they return through a confounding switch of identities.
2000, 35mm, 146 ft; 2:26 at 16 fps
dir: Kathryn Peacock, Rory Gilman; prod: Dan Fuller; sc: Molly Hort; ph: Carrie Covitz; cast: Rory Gilman, Karen Myers, Molly Hort, Dan Massaro, Mike Ceolla, Devin Mackey.
An Evening at the Movies
In this policy trailer, those who break the theater's rules are punished, but the innocent are rewarded—with love!
2001, 35mm, 136 ft, 2:16 at 16 fps
Motion Picture News Highlights
A behind-the-scenes look at the Wisconsin Bioscope Company on the set of Pompeii!
2001, 35mm, 100 ft, 1:40 at 16 fps
Previews: Pompeii, Project New Earth, Sgt. Broughard Miami P.D., The Mystic Rendezvous.
Previews for productions that were never completed.
2001, 35mm, 278 ft, 4:38 at 16 fps
A Christmas Miracle
The least popular girl has a romantic visit from a handsome man—a snowman come to life!
2001, 35mm, 202 ft, 3:22 at 16 fps
A hand-colored experimental short.
2001, 35mm, 138 ft, 2:18 at 16 fps
The Barbershop Bandit
A wanted man needs a new identity—quick!
2001, 35mm, 55 ft, 00:55 at 16 fps
An unsuited couple come to blows over cards and a drudge's luck changes in this film with two surprise endings.
2003, 35mm, 185 ft, 3:05 at 16 fps
dir: Lynne Wisnefski; prod: Dan Fuller; sc: Dan Fuller; ph: Laura Cecil; cast: Gabe Gronli, Kat Nichols, Dan Fuller, Nadia Ghasedi.
The Magic Tree
A sombre fairy-tale of death, reunion, and a mystical departure featuring a very large tree.
2003, 35mm, 265 ft, 4:25 at 16 fps
dir: Kat Nichols; prod: Dan Fuller; sc: Kat Nichols; ph: Gabe Gronli; cast: Kevin French, Max Fuller, Lynne Wisnefski.
The Starving Artist
A butcher and a begger are natural enemies—until they become business partners and best friends.
2004, 35mm, 250 ft,  4:10 at 16 fps
dir: David Olson; prod/sc: Dan Fuller; ph: Evan Foster; cast: Peter Marinucci, Travis Bird, Katie Weber, Megan Mullins.
The Dancer
A hand-colored trick film using double exposure and two masks allowing Megan Mullins to play both the hesitant dancing student on the left and the more accomplished dancer in the mirror on the right.
2004, 35mm, ft,  at 16 fps
dir: David Olson; prod: Dan Fuller; sc/ph: Jennifer Hart; cast: Megan Mullins.
Daddy Don't
Set in a tenement apartment modeled on sets used by D.W. Griffith in The Sunbeam and The Musketeers of Pig Alley, Daddy Don’t is exactly the sort of dreary melodrama that modern audiences do not like. Even the pianist who accompanies Daddy Don’t hates it. Like Buster Keaton’s projectionist in Sherlock, Jr., the pianist decides to intervene in the film.
2005, 35mm, 240 ft,  4:00 at 16 fps
dir: Ryan Dembroski; prod, scen: Dan Fuller; ph: Zach Cuellar; cast: Casem Abulughod, Jenni Staley, Max Fuller, Chris Dorsano. An alternate version features David Drazin instead of Chris Dorsano.
The Rivals
Three men waiting at a train station are distracted by a pretty girl, but a hobo turns the tables.
2005, 35mm, 120 ft,  2:00 at 16 fps
dir, scen: Aaron Ensweiler; prod: Dan Fuller; ph: Zach Cuellar; cast: Mike Graham, Casem Abulughod, Aaron Ensweiler, Chris Dorsano, Melissa Mueller.
A Visit with Grandmother
A lonely old woman is besieged by a surprising number of escaped convicts.
2005, 35mm, 300 ft,  5:00 at 16 fps
dir: Zach Cuellar; prod: Dan Fuller; scen: Zach Cuellar, Jenni Staley, Dan Fuller; ph: Melissa Mueller; cast: Heather Vitale, Ryan Dembroski, Aaron Ensweiler, Jenni Staley, Casem Abulughod, Colleen Kerns, Mike Jozwik, Mike Graham.
Cosmo's Magical Melt-A-Ways
A hunted criminal has a surprising way to escape his tormentors. This film was inspired by Dave Aylott's The Mystic Mat (1913).
2006, 35mm, 180 ft,  3:00 at 16 fps
dir: Andrew Bevacqua; prod: Leslie Midkiff DeBauche; scen: Dan Fuller; ph: Matthew Case, M.J. DeLonay; cast: C.C. Pheiffer, Carmen Speich, Joy Ratchman, Christie Burgess.
Rent Party
A young couple cannot pay their bills. Even worse, a mysterious neighbor torments them with insane and discordant piano playing. The clever young wife thinks of a scheme that quickly earns money for the couple and calms the melancholy musician.
2006, 35mm, 270 ft,  4:30 at 16 fps
dir: C.C. Pheiffer; prod: Leslie Midkiff DeBauche; scen: Dan Fuller, Jesse Lee Kercheval; ph: Becky Eske; cast: Christie Burgess, Andrew Bevacqua, Donald Sosin, Sara Burke, Matthew Case, Sunny Chen, M.J. DeLonay, Esme, Allyson Krause, Joy Ratchman, Joe Ross, Carmen Speich. Alternate versions feature David Drazin or Mike Neumeyer as the musician instead of Donald Sosin.
Swift Punishment
Shot outdoors in Madison, Wisconsin, this silent but deadly two-shot film is a message from the management about proper audience behavior. Anyone who has been annoyed by an inconsiderate boor during a film will appreciate this story of simple justice.
2006, 35mm, 270 ft,  4:30 at 16 fps
dir: Lauren Griswold; prod, scen: Dan Fuller; ph: Andrew Vann; cast: Joshua Ryf, Peter Turner, Erik Langkamp.
The Ring in the Cake
At a cafe, intending to propose marriage, a man hides the engagement ring in the cake. Things do not go as planned.
2006, 35mm, 220 ft,  3:40 at 16 fps
scen & dir: M.J. DeLonay; prod: Leslie Midkiff DeBauche;  ph: Dan Fuller; cast: Sara Burke, C.C. Pheiffer, Carmen Speich, Matthew Case, Andrew Bevacqua
A Expedição Brasileira de 1916 The nearly-forgotten record of a tragic expedition to the moon.
2006, 35mm, 398 ft,  6:40 at 16 fps
dir: Jacob Tauber; scen & prod: Dan Fuller; ph: Andrew Vann; cast: David Bordwell, Erin Canty, Derek Eby, & cetera
Found at the Fox
A rediscovered reel of film apparently containing vaudeville acts once performed at the Fox Theater of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
2006, 35mm, 315 ft,  5:15 at 16 fps
dir: Allyson Krause; prod: Leslie Midkiff DeBauche & Dan Fuller; ph: C.C. Pheiffer & Becky Eske; cast: Joy Ratchman, Sara Burke, Matthew Case, Becky Eske, Andrew Bevacqua, Carmen Speich, Christie Burgess
In Your Dreams
Do you know what your spouse is dreaming? Adult audiences only.
2008, 35mm, 168 ft,  2:48 at 16 fps
dir: Sydney Duncan; scen &  prod: Dan Fuller; ph: Kelsey Field; cast: Sarah Whiteaker, Dylan Brogan, David Lammie, Rachael Cohen
The Magician
Two men, one woman, and the awesome power to make things disappear.
2008, 35mm, 154 ft,  2:34 at 16 fps
scen & dir: Robert Breitenbach; prod: Rachael Cohen & Dan Fuller; ph: Kayle Grosse; cast: Dylan Brogan, Robert Breitenbach, David Lammie, Lyndsey Wurch
Madison: Moving Picture Capital
A behind-the-scenes look at the operations of the Wisconsin Bioscope Company
2008, 35mm, 200 ft,  3:20 at 16 fps
Dogma A witch, a preacher, and an angry mob. Handcolored flames! 2008, 35mm, 90 ft,  1:30 at 16 fps

“The Starving Artist" or “Realism in Art” (Vitagraph 1907) Storyboard for “The Starving Artist” (Wisconsin Bioscope 2004)

Frame from “The Starving Artist” (Wisconsin Bioscope 2004)

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